Olive branch offered over compulsion

The government has suggested it may compromise on plans to extend compulsory community treatment in the Mental Health Bill.

Junior health minister Lord Hunt told the House of Lords that he was convinced the proposed community treatment orders were the way forward but that he hoped to discuss the issue further to “find a way through” with opposition peers.

Shadow health minister Earl Howe had earlier tabled an amendment scrapping the orders, saying there was no evidence to justify them.

But Howe said there might be the possibility of “constructive dialogue” if the orders were restricted to those with a history of serious violence and previous relapse, and who were identified as a continuing high risk.

Earlier this month, shadow health minister Tim Loughton challenged opposite number Rosie Winterton over a government report that he claimed showed the proposed orders were unlikely to improve care or reduce risks to the public.

He accused the government of ­sitting on the report.

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