CSCI transistions report puts onus on primary care trusts and councils

Councils are wasting resources and young people’s potential by failing to give those with complex needs the same quality of service in adulthood than they received as children, Commission for Social Care Inspection chair Denise Platt said today.

A CSCI report on transitions called on councils and primary care trusts to re-examine their provision to deliver seamless services that better promote independence, across the divide between children’s and adults’ services.

CSCI said the existing system was characterised by poor planning and co-ordination of services and inadequate commissioning, leading to delays in provision, multiple assessments and different eligibility criteria between children’s and adults’ services.

Commission chair Denise Platt said: “It is a waste of resources – as well as a waste of young people’s potential – if the support they are given as children is not continued into adulthood.”

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