That’s Life with Autism: Tales and Tips for Families with Autism

 That’s Life with Autism: Tales and Tips for Families with Autism
 Donna Satterlee Ross and Kelly Ann Jolly,
 Jessica Kingsley Publishers
 ISBN: 1843108291,



Parents share their experiences of life with autism in the family in this book of tales and tips, writes Beth Billington. Knowing how alone and overwhelmed many people feel after hearing a diagnosis of autism, I anticipate that this book would be valuable in sharing experiences in the early stages.

Each chapter consists of short descriptions of family life written by a family member (mostly women), followed by an overview by a professional. Exercises including “something to talk about” and reflection activities are placed at the end of each chapter for readers who want to use the book interactively.

Chapters cover issues such as diagnosis, treatment, education, family, advocacy and faith. That’s Life with Autism highlights the diversity in the presentation of autism, and the range of family experiences.

Most stories focus on life with children who have autism, however, and so readers with adult children may find the book less relevant. This book is one of a growing number of texts written by parents for parents – interesting but not unique.

Beth Billington is a clinical psychologist working with adults who have learning difficulties. Several members of her family have been diagnosed with autism


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