The Importance of Food and Mealtimes in Dementia Care: The Table is Set

 The Importance of Food and Mealtimes in Dementia Care: The Table is Set
 Grethe Berg,
 Jessica Kingsley Publishers
 ISBN: 101843104350,


Written for care managers and carers, the book’s main aim is to “reclaim mealtimes as positive experiences for people with dementia”, writes Peter Scourfield.

The author argues for thinking of food and mealtimes as being about “more than nutrition”. Mealtimes are presented as events that also have both social and symbolic significance for people.

The book explains how practices relating to meals and mealtimes can provide valuable opportunities for care staff to improve the lives of people with dementia.

This is more than just a book about food, it provides valuable insights into the effects of living with dementia. In doing so, it also suggests useful strategies that can promote social stimulation, well-being and confidence.

The book is translated from Norwegian and retains a noticeable feel of that country’s culture and academic references. There are good practice suggestions but those familiar with the UK care home system might wonder whether such aspirations can ever be fully met within the tight financial climate.

It is essential reading for care home managers and those responsible for commissioning dementia care services. The book, above all, expounds the value of time spent with the person with dementia, something of which many care staff have precious little.

Peter Scourfield is senior lecturer in social policy, Anglia Ruskin University


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