Peers curb plan to detain mentally ill

Peers curb plan to detain mentally ill
Peers defeated the government yesterday again over its plans to detain and treat people with mental health problems who have committed no offence.
Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 20 February 2007, page 11

A quarter of over-65s are facing a life of poverty
Almost one in four pensioners are at risk of poverty, the government said yesterday, with incomes of less than 60 per cent of the national average.
The figure of 24 per cent compares to a European average of 18 per cent, ministers admitted in a parliamentary answer.
Source:- The Daily Mail, Tuesday 20 February 2007, page 8

Climbie council ‘still failing abused children’
The London council criticised over the death of Victoria Climbie also failed to adequately protect another group of children it was claimed yesterday.
The claims were made by Nevres Kemal, a senior social worker at Haringey, who alleges the council exposed seven children to serious risk of abuse by their stepfather.
Kemal made the allegations, which relate to incidents in 2004 and 2005, in a claim before Watford employment tribunal.
Source:- The Independent, Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Whitehall’s ‘vote of no confidence’ in Patricia Hewitt
Just 37 per cent of senior civil servants in the Department of Health have confidence in their leaders, compared to a Whitehall average of 57 per cent, a survey has revealed.
This is down from 47 per cent in 2004, and led to Conservative charges that there was “no confidence” in health secretary Patricia Hewitt’s leadership.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 20 February 2007, page 4

Parenting course in prison
Samuel Duncan, who was jailed earlier this month for the abuse of his four-year-old daughter, took parenting lessons in prison while on remand, it has emerged.
However, he was kicked off the course when the truth emerged about the crimes he was charged for.
Source:- The Sun, Tuesday 20 February 2007, page 17

Generation faces years of misery due to heart disease
Britain is facing a health and pensions crisis due to a failure to tackle heart disease and high cholesterol levels.
A report from Heart UK said many people will be forced into early retirement and disablement if more is not done to tackle the crisis.
Source:- The Times, Tuesday 20 February 2007, page 27

Scottish news
Calls for inquiry to settle heroin policies
Scotland’s top social workers have called for a Royal Commission to settle the row over methadone.
The Association of Directors of Social Work has long argued that debate over the use of the heroin substitute had become too politicised.
The body wants an independent inquiry into both methadone policy and the wider impact of drug and alcohol abuse on Scottish children and families.
David Crawford, the body’s president, said: “ADSW has called previously for a depoliticised debate on these issues. Each party should consider a Royal Commission. The seriousness of the issue merits the response.”
Source:- The Herald, Tuesday 20 February 2007
Neglect baby ‘like concentration camp child’
Childcare experts have condemned a 20-month jail sentence for a woman who neglected a baby so badly she resembled “a child from a concentration camp”.
Donna McKeown’s failure to look after the eight-month-old girl caused her to be chronically malnourished and suffering from scabies and the MRSA bug. It was only after intensive treatment by doctors that the baby managed to recover.
Children’s charities last night described the case as “appalling”.
Source:- The Scotsman, Tuesday 20 February 2007

Welsh news

Plaid pledges universal childcare and laptops for children
Plaid Cymru will set out plans to provide affordable childcare in every community in Wales today as a part of its campaign in the forthcoming assembly elections.
The elections take place in May.
Source:- Western Mail, Tuesday, 20 February 2007


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