Teenage gang shootings blamed on family breakdown, poll reveals

By Mithran Samuel, Amy Taylor and Derren Hayes

Teenage gang shootings blamed on family breakdown, poll reveals

Family breakdown and the dissolution of social networks have been blamed for the recent spate of shootings involving young people, according to an ICM poll.

The news follows a gun summit yesterday, hosted by prime minister Tony Blair, where Mike Todd, Manchester’s chief constable, said children as young as 14 were wearing body armour on the streets, and that this was as much a child protection as a criminal justice issue.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 23 February 2007 page 9

Watchdog criticises academies over costs and exam results

Academy schools are raising attainment in deprived areas, but failing to spread their benefits across communities, as intended by the government, a National Audit Office report claims.

It said there is little evidence as yet of academies collaborating with neighbouring schools or offering their facilities to wider community use.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 23 February 2007 page 12

Sharp rise in pregnancy rates for girls under 16

The number of pregnancies among girls under 16 rose by 283 to 7,464 in 2005, the biggest percentage rise in 10 years.

Following the figures, children’s minister Beverley Hughes said a major review of the government’s teenage pregnancy strategy had taken place since 2005 and each local authority had been required to re-examine its approach.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 23 February 2007 page 6

Number of deaths from drink doubles in 13 years

The number of alcohol-related deaths doubled between 1991 and 2004 to over 8,200, government figures reveal.

Men and women in Scotland are twice as likely to die an alcohol-related death as people in the UK as a whole.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 23 February 2007 page 11

Family fury over dead mum

The family of a woman murdered by her ex-boyfriend have hit out at social services.

Drug addict Paul Fuller killed Maggie Hanrahan and their baby daughter.
Hanrahan’s family said that Tower Hamlets social services new she was in danger.

The council refused to comment.

Source:- Daily Mirror Friday February 23 2007, page 11

Scottish news

Red alert: why is Scotland drinking itself to death?

Deaths from alcohol in Scotland are twice the rate of elsewhere in the UK, according to a report.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that, despite having only 8.5% of the UK population, Scotland has three-quarters of the worst 20 areas for drink-related fatalities.

Deaths from cirrhosis and other alcohol-related disease are higher in Scotland than any other region of the UK for men and women, and all age groups.

Source:- The Herald, Friday 23 February

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