One third of Scottish children’s homes fail to act on Care Commission’s advice

Around one third of children’s homes in Scotland had failed to deal with concerns raised by the country’s care regulator in 2004-5 a year on a major report out yesterday has revealed.

The Care Commission research, which is its most comprehensive report on the quality of care in Scotland, found that around one third of the homes which had requirements – where the commission requires action or will carry out sanctions – that were first made in 2004/5 still had the same requirements outstanding in 2005/06.

It shows that the percentage of homes with requirements against them increased over the same period rising from 49 per cent to 54 per cent. This is made up from 97 requirements against the 199 homes in 04/05 and 107 in 05/06.

The report concluded that the indicators showed that the homes had a higher level of requirements and complaints against them compared to other types of services for children and young people.

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