Help the Aged ploughs £1.7m into research on older people’s health

Research into treatments and developments to help older people have better health and live more independently is to be carried out in 20 new studies across the UK thanks to funding from older people’s charity Help the Aged.

The studies, which will total £1.7 million in value, will explore conditions relating to older people including dementia, osteoporosis and wound healing.

Dr Lorna Layward, research manager at Help the Aged, said: “We are calling on businesses and the public to donate to us so that we can increase investment in biomedical research to £5 million per year by 2010.

“This money is critically needed if we are to discover ways to enable older people to live healthier and more independent lives.”

Help the Aged now funds 67 studies in total in major academic institutions in the UK.

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