In the Spotlight with

John Chowcat, General secretary of the Association of Professionals in Education and Children’s Trusts (Aspect).

What’s your first memory?
In a pram, looking up at my mum! (really)

What three words best describe you?
Considered, proactive, sensitive.

What’s been your best job?
My current job – general secretary of Aspect.

If you were stuck on a desert island, and you could take one person and one object, who and what would they be?
My wife Hazel and a barbecue (for practical reasons!)

Who inspires you and why?
Giuseppe Garibaldi – for persistence and daring in unifying and liberating his country.

Where is your favourite place?
Jaipur, India (“the pink city”).

Which celebrity would you want to play you in a film?
Peter O’Toole.

What was the last CD you bought?
The Very Best of Johnny Cash.

What are you reading?
1812: Napoleon’s Fatal March on Moscow by Adam Zamoyski.

What’s your favourite film?
The Battle of Algiers by Gillo Pontecorvo.

‘Big Brother’ – Treat or Trash?
Trash – to say the least.

Pets – yes or no?
Yes – two cats.

If you were on Death Row, what would be your final meal?
Steamed cod, petit pois, allumettes and a bottle of Chablis!

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