Shunned: Discrimination Against People with Mental Illness

  Shunned: Discrimination Against People with Mental Illness
  Graham Thornicroft,
  Oxford University Press
  ISBN: 0198570988,


On first glance this book appears to be an accessible account of stigma from an international perspective, exploring a range of aspects that affect individuals living with mental illness, writes Daisy Bogg.

The initial chapters provide a good balance between service user accounts and research evidence, interspersed with visual images designed to support the arguments and provoke emotive responses in the reader. The framework presented links stigma with prejudice and discrimination, and places it in the context of knowledge, attitudes and

This provides a grounding that many other authors in the field have omitted, giving a sense of realism to the subject matter.

However, as the book continues it becomes very repetitive. The proof-reading is not up to scratch, and the text contains many typos that make reading difficult.

The second half claims to be “a manifesto for action”. However, I find it difficult to agree with this – there is little in the way of new knowledge and I am unclear what, if any, practical application could be used.

Overall the book is interesting and well-balanced but I don’t feel it is a groundbreaking work and falls well short of its claim of being “a precious and powerful tool” in the fight against stigma.

Daisy Bogg is consultant practitioner in mental health social care, Bedfordshire & Luton Partnership NHS Trust



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