Backing for bid to nominate 97-year-old Polish social worker Irena Sendler for Nobel peace prize

Support is gathering for the nomination of Polish social worker Irena Sedler for the Nobel peace prize.

Sendler, 97, has become internationally renowned for her work helping Jewish people during the Holocaust.

David N Jones, president of the International Federation of Social Workers, this week wrote to the Nobel prize jury in Oslo in support of Sendler’s nomination.

“The historical record is clear that her personal dedication, commitment and willingness to take risks resulted in her saving thousands of lives in Poland. She suffered for her bravery but continued to provide care and support in her role as a social worker,” he said.

“Social work practice is always challenging and can be dangerous. In many situations the safety of social workers is at risk and there have been recent examples of social workers suffering serious injury and death. Irena Sendler also experienced these challenges.”

Last year, Sendler was given the specially created title of most distinguished social worker at the federation’s 50th anniversary world social work conference held in Munich.

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