Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care: Hidden Carers

  Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care: Hidden Carers
  Joyce Cavaye,
  Dunedin Academic Press
  ISBN 101903765668,


Joyce Cavaye offers valuable insights from a group of carers who actively choose not to use support services, writes Marjory Booth.

They are the “hidden carers” who have participated in a small exploratory study and their views will make interesting reading for providers of these services.

In Scotland, a guiding principle underpinning recent legislation is that carers are to be regarded, not as service users, but as key partners in identifying the services needed for those they are caring for. In this context, the study explores with carers the reasons and barriers that deter them from having access to such services. It also provides useful information about what is needed and when, to assist those carers reluctant to accept support.

Delaying the need for residential care is a strong driver for ensuring carers receive appropriate support at the right time. Yet the study found self-referral the least effective pathway to accessing service provision.

More information was required about the methodology to validate the conclusions reached. There was insufficient detail about the cared-for and care-giving situations, and no samples of the interview and self completion questionnaires.

Nevertheless, this book is thought-provoking and worth a read.

Marjory Booth is team manager, Scottish Care Commission


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