British parents spend least time with children

By Mithran Samuel and Amy Taylor

British parents spend least time with children

Toddlers spending more than 35 hours a week in nurseries are more likely to become antisocial, worried and upset than those spending time at home, according to government-commissioned research.

However, the research also said that spending time in nurseries had a positive as well as a negative effect.

Source:- The Independent Thursday 5 April 2007 page 21

Council: No Deaf, Dumb or Lunatics

Council bosses sent out leaflets banning “lunatics, idiots and the deaf and dumb” from standing for election, it has emerged.

The wording, which was included in a leaflet for the May 3 local elections in Bournemouth , were lifted directly from laws from 1766 which are still valid today.

The council has admitted that it made a mistake.

Source:- Daily Mirror Thursday 5 April 2007 page 33

Welsh news

Rapist freed as girl, 10, ‘looked older’

A 20-year-old man who had sex with a 10-year-old girl was spared jail yesterday after a High Court judge backed him by agreeing that that the girl looked older than her age.

Mr Justice Roderick Evans, one of Wales’ most senior judges, said that he could see how Liam Edgecombe, of Haverfordwest, thought the girl was 16.

Taking this into consideration he gave Edgecombe a conditional discharge even though he admitted rape – an automatic charge for anyone who has sex with someone under 13.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 5 April 2007

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