‘Sarah’s Law’ scheme could backfire, say child workers

‘Sarah’s Law’ scheme could backfire, say child workers
Probation officers and child protection experts voiced concerns last night after it emerged that a so-called Sarah’s Law would be piloted in three areas.
Source:- The Times, Tuesday 10 April 2007, page 9

Mental illness risk to stressed teachers
Teachers are turning to drugs, drink and overeating to cope with teaching violent pupils, an overprescriptive curriculum and critical Ofsted inspections, the National Union of Teachers said yesterday. In an emotional debate at the NUT annual conference in Harrogate, delegates described breaking down in tears at school and said that some colleagues had taken their own lives.
John Illingworth, a former primary school head from Nottingham who resigned last year with depression after 30 years’ teaching, proposed a working party to investigate mental illness in teachers. The union unanimously carried the motion, and gave warning that severe mental illness could “shatter” the lives of teachers.
A DfES spokesman said that the government had increased average pay for teachers by 18 per cent in real terms and had introduced measures to ease their burden.
Source:- The Times, Tuesday 10 April 2007, page 27
HIV services crumbling, says report
Services for people with HIV in Britain are crumbling through neglect and complacency in spite of the government’s good record on helping developing countries deal with the condition, according to a report released yesterday.
Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 10 April 2007, page 9

Governors call for fewer jailings, not more jails
Prison governors have delivered an urgent warning to ministers that building new jails will not solve the criminal justice crisis and that too many minor offenders with mental health and alcohol problems are being locked up.
Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 10 April 2007, page 4

Obesity epidemic feeds demand for 52-inch school uniform
Britain’s largest specialist schoolwear retailer has expanded its range of outsized uniforms for sale “off the peg” in response to growing demand from parents who are struggling to find clothes to fit their overweight children.
Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 10 April 2007, page 10

Scottish news
No social care news today.

Welsh news

‘Aggressive beggars pocket £100 an hour’
Aggressive beggars are making around £100 an hour in Wales, according to officials.
Some beggars have had difficulties leaving their “pitches” as they are weighed down by money, officials added.
Cardiff city centre operation manager Steve Barrett believes antisocial behaviour orders are the only way to tackle the problem.
Source:- Western Mail,  Tuesday 10 April 2007

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