In the Spotlight

with Clare Jerrom – Community Care Web Editor

What’s your first memory?
We had a game at school where we would pretend to faint and our older glamorous friend would come and rescue us. When it was my turn (aged about 5) I ran off and ‘fainted’ and waited to be rescued and after about 10 minutes I opened my eyes to find a crowd of 11 year old boys gathered round me thinking I had actually fainted. It was not good.

What three words best describe you?
I would say thoughtful, passionate, fun.
Others who know me well would say A Cat Bore or An Attention Seeker.

What’s been your best job?
I have enjoyed most jobs thankfully from car washing to website editing. I even enjoyed cleaning until I accidentally turned the shower on me fully clothed when I was cleaning one couple’s house and another employer propositioned me!

If you were stranded on a desert island, and you could take one person and one object, who and what would they be?
If it were a short-term stranding on a desert island, Robbie Williams and a karaoke machine.
If it were to be a long-term stranding – a pilot and a plane!

Who inspires you and why?
Princess Diana inspired me as I was growing up as she made so many people happy. These days, people who fight for what they believe in, no matter how hard it is. I really take my hat off to people like Pauline Campbell and Yvonne Scholes who have suffered such extreme loss and still find the strength to continue their fight. 

Where is your favourite place?
I love the Greek islands, so laid back and beautiful. A fantastic bay I came across in Crete was pretty perfect with a great restaurant that looked over the beach. My home village Manea is also really special.

Which celebrity would you want to play you in a film?
Nicole Kidman. However, as I’m so clumsy someone like Mr Blobby would probably be more apt!

What was the last CD you bought?
The last cd I bought for myself was probably Elton John’s greatest hits……

What’s your greatest achievement?
Gaining the best GCSE results in our year at school and winning New online Journalist of the Year award a few years ago.

What are you reading?

What’s your favourite film?
I have a few: Pretty Woman, Moulin Rouge, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Up Close and Personal and Grease. Dirty Dancing is probably the best though.

Pets – yes or no?
Oh yes! I have two beautiful cats called Marmite and Princess. They are fab and constantly keep me amused.

If you were on Death Row, what would be your final meal?
Crispy duck pancakes, rack of lamb with fat chips, butternut squash and a bit of scampi on the side, death by chocolate (if I’m going to die surely chocolate is a better way to do it?) and a huge cheese board with cambazola, port salut and stilton with grapes all washed down with a bottle of Bolly. Yes- and lobster canapés before the duck…

How would you want to be remembered?
A bit different – in a good way.

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