Age Discrimination Handbook

  Age Discrimination Handbook
  Declan O’Dempsey, Schona Jolly and Andrew Harrop,
  Legal Action Group & Age Concern
  ISBN 101903307481,


This comprehensive and expert guide to age discrimination in the workplace and the impact of the new Employment Equality and Regulations Act (2006) gives a useful background as to how prevalent ageism is within the workplace. This is of some significance, given the changing age demographic, writes Mick Ryan.

In clear chapters, the book covers recruitment practices in the areas of selection processes, promotion prospects and training opportunities. It gives clear examples as to how discrimination blocks the individual and this gives life to the text.

It also outlines the different types of discrimination from indirect forms through to victimisation and harassment, as well as useful sections on retirement, pensions and discrimination in education.

It covers the Act in depth, providing a practical guide on bringing claims under this law. It is readable but does not shun the necessary complexity of its subject. It is intended as a reference source and succeeds as a practical and accessible guide to age discrimination and legal remedies to counter it. Law updates are supported on the Age Concern website.

It is a law book and is intended primarily for use as a tool by those in the field of employment law and advocacy but it remains useful and highly significant for the wider community involved in the rights and well-being of older people.

Mick Ryan is adult team manager, Leeds Council

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