Two-tier system fear for GP-style practices

Plans for councils to contract out services for looked-after children to new GP-style practices received “a mixed reaction” with fears raised about the development of a two-tier system and dilution of accountability consultation responses showed.

Most respondents welcomed the proposed tiered system of foster care placements, where those with the most need could be matched with the most highly skilled carers. But some suggested the framework could undermine stability as children could be moved to lower tier placements as their needs diminished.

Respondents felt the tiered approach should be extended to residential care, with a feeling that the green paper saw residential care as “a last resort”.

There were mixed views on whether the government should try to reduce the number of young people in care, with some saying it could be detrimental to children if they were kept out of care.

There should be a presumption against leaving care before 18, respondents said.

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