Website Review:

This is aimed more at carers and professionals than those with dementia as they may have difficulty using a computer or navigating around sites, writes Ian Midwood.

However, those in the early stages of dementia and who have faced up to the fact may find the site extremely informative and useful.

It is well designed with plenty of links in the text to other relevant items, and the ability to change text size and contrast (in Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Firefox) is good for anyone with eye problems. It may also introduce many surfers to the Opera Nine browser in which you can even change the size of illustrations.

The coverage seems comprehensive. And it is good to see that Age Concern and the Alzheimer’s Society are included and linked.

Assistive technology suppliers are also well listed, again with links. Naturally there is some advertising of particular products – no doubt helping to fund the site.

Currently, the news and events section runs until the end of May – but there may be a need to look further ahead as people’s diaries tend to fill up quickly.

The site is seeking feedback and information about events and products relevant to the dementia sufferer, such as examples of assistive technology.

Just one gripe: the links are in pale blue text, which may make it more difficult to read. It might be an idea to change them to bold and a darker shade of blue.

Ian Midwood is a steering group member for the Knowsley Older People’s Voice, an advocacy group in Merseyside.

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