Mental Health Today: A Handbook

  Mental Health Today: A Handbook
  Edited by Catherine Jackson & Kathryn Hill, 
  Mental Health Foundation
  ISBN: 1084196171X,


If you’re interested in mental health issues this is a solid foundation, writes Daisy Bogg.  Aimed primarily at support workers, the chapters are accessible, well thought out and current.

Although the social perspective is the dominant approach, there are contributions from a range of individuals and disciplines providing a good balance of subject matter and viewpoints.

The service user experience is placed at the centre of this work, and the concept of mental illness is defined in user-friendly terms that the reader can readily relate to.

The policy context, as set out in the national service framework, guides the text through a myriad of topic areas, which illustrates the, at times, all-encompassing nature of mental illness and mental health issues. From discrimination and social inclusion, through to treatment modalities and commissioning frameworks, no stone is left unturned.

From the front cover to the last page this book encourages thought and reflection, in a manner that informs and challenges in a wholly unthreatening way.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book for entry level workers to the mental health field. For those who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of a rapidly changing and at times confusing area, this informative, at times inspiring, and generally well constructed handbook certainly fits the bill.

Daisy Bogg is consultant practitioner in mental health social care for Bedfordshire & Luton Mental Health & Social Care Partnership NHS Trust



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