In the Spotlight

    In the spotlight with Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, Enable Enterprises

    What’s your first ever memory?
    Age 2, dining room of local mental hospital. I was day patient

    What three words best describe you?
    Determined, stubborn and funky

    If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?
    I am doing it!

    If you were stuck on a desert island, and could take one person and one object, who and what would they be? 
    George Bush and a stun gun

    Who inspires you and why?
    Eugen Gherga, a dear friend who helped start the Romanian revolution in 1989

    Where is your favourite place?

    Which celebrity would you want to play the role of you in a film on your life?
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    What was the last CD you bought?
    What’s a CD? I download

    What are you reading?
    This email

    What is your favourite film of all time?

    Do you have a favourite reality tv show?
    It must be Big Brother

    Pets – yes or no?

    What is the best present you have ever been given?
    Some TV work as a comedian

    If you were on death row, what would you like as a last meal?
    Starter: Smoked Salmon, cottage cheese and flour tortilla fried in lemon scented oil
    Main: Baked trout filled with cream cheese and herbs, mature cheddar mash and red cabbage
    Dessert: Profiteroles with soft ice cream Plus cheese and crackers

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