Supporting People framework sets new challenges for providers and councils

Supported housing providers will have to provide regular information on their tenants’ progress in managing their health, participating in training and reducing their debt, under a new government performance framework.

The outcomes framework for providers receiving Supporting People funding went live for short-term services last week and extends to long-term services in July.

Local authorities are not under a statutory duty to ask providers they commission to adhere to the framework. But guidance released by the Department of Communities and Local Government said any authority that chose not to use it would need to explain itself to the department “as a matter of urgency”.

The framework is based on the five Every Child Matters outcomes for children: economic wellbeing, enjoyment and achievement, being healthy, staying safe and making a positive contribution. Short-term providers will need to report back whenever a tenant leaves a project and long-term projects will have to provide information annually on whether tenants have made progress finding work, managing their substance abuse or becoming involved with the wider community.

The DCLG said it recognised that a number of areas had developed their own outcomes frameworks and pledged to work closely with these providers to ensure a smooth transition over to the national framework.

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