Training Review: The Essential Drug and Alcohol Worker

The Essential Drug and Alcohol Worker
Tim Morrison,
ISBN: 1904319475,


Each of the essential series of titles is written by experienced professionals, writes Charlotte Pearson. They are excellent value for money, are user-friendly and attractively presented. Of all the titles in this series, this is the longest and most detailed. It is divided into seven sections, which address many aspects of the role of a drug and alcohol worker. The title offers detailed information without overburdening the reader.

One useful addition is a table demonstrating the prices of a range of drugs across the UK. This information offers an insight into the world of drug use for practitioners.

The most detailed sections focus on structuring care and the content of care. This identifies the specific way in which workers can support their clients at various stages of their drug and alcohol use.

I would like to have seen more examples of good record keeping but overall a very useful guide.

Charlotte Pearson is commissioning officer for Denbighshire Council

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