Mencap finds 80% of children with learning disabilities are bullied

Eight out of ten children with a learning disability are bullied or scared to go out due to fear of being bullied, research out today by Mencap finds.

The study, which launches a campaign on the issue by the charity, finds that six out of ten children with a learning disability have been physically hurt by bullies, and over half of those who have been bullied have stayed away from places as a result.

Published as part of learning disability week, the research follows a survey of people with learning disabilities by Community Care, for our A Life Like Any Other campaign, which found 16% had been bullied in the street in the past year.

Mencap chief executive Jo Williams said: “This means that children with a learning disability are missing out on opportunities to learn and make friends, socialise and play. If action is not taken, children with a learning disability will face bullying and isolation all their lives.”

As part of the Don’t Stick it, stop it! campaign, Mencap wants 5,000 people to make an online ‘sticker’ to show their support for the campaign. The stickers will then be used to urge the government to take action on the issue.

Over 500 children and young people with a learning disability across England, Wales and Northern Ireland took part in Mencap’s survey.

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