Doctors call for ban on drinking in street

By Clare Jerrom, Mithran Samuel and Maria Ahmed

Doctors call for ban on drinking in street

Senior doctors will say this week that there should be a national ban on drinking in the street in a bid to defeat the binge drinking culture.

Delegates at the British Medical Association’s annual conference will also debate whether laws should be introduced to increase the legal age for buying alcohol to 21 except in pubs and hotels.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Saturday 23 June page1

Watchdog warns of worrying rise in youth unemployment

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development have warned of a worrying trend of youth unemployment.

The report will raise questions about Labour’s New Deal.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Saturday 23 June page 2

Code of conduct for Blackpool

Police are to hand revellers “Code of Conduct” cards as they arrive in Blackpool as part of a clampdown on antisocial behaviour.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Saturday 23 June oage 8

Children in nurseries ‘given unhealthy food’

Sugary, fatty and highly processed foods are being served to children in nurseries – even though such food is banned in primary and secondary schools, researchers for ITV News claimed last night.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Saturday 23 June page 10

One in three pupils sent home from worst schools

One in three children was sent home in nearly 200 of the country’s worst schools for offences such as verbal abuse, theft and assault.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Saturday 23 June page 10

Poor people ‘ignore’ health campaigns

Government campaigns designed to stop people drinking and smoking have little effect on poorer people it was claimed last night.Professor Michael Marmot said those on low wages or benefits ignore health warnings.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Saturday 23 June page 12

Mother jailed for rape of daughter

A mother was sentenced to 12 years in jail yesterday for standing by and allowing members of a paedophile ring rape her daughter.

Caroline Dunsmore allowed her daughter Dana Fowley, now 26, to be systematically abused over 12 years, the Hgh Court in Edinburgh heard.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Saturday 23 June page 12

A jab to halt Alzheimer’s

A drug that stops Alzheimer’s disease in its tracks culd be available within a few years.

The jab is currently being tested on patients and could be widespread within six years.

Source:- Daily Mail  Saturday 23 June page 1

Tube killer had warned his doctors

A mentally ill patient who pushed a commuter in front of a train had told doctors two weeks earlier that he would do just that, a court heard yesterday.

Mehmet Bala was still allowed to go out of hospital for two or three hours a day and on July 7 last year he pushed John Curran in front of an Underground train in north London.

Source:- Daily Mail  Saturday 23 June page 13

Get out of jail free and collect £200

Criminals released early from prison in a bid to tackle the overcrowding crisis will receive almost £200 spending money at the prison gates, it has emerged.

The payouts will be made to all 25,500 of the in mates due to be released 18 days early to help tackle the problem of overcrowding in jails.

Source:- Daily Mail  Saturday 23 June page 17

Victory over ‘postcode care lottery’ for elderly

Thousands of older people will no longer have to spend their savings or sell their homes to pay for their care under guidelines to be revealed by ministers this week.

Ministers are unveiling measures to tackle the ‘postcode lottery’ that gives older people free nursing care but forces others to fork out thousands of pounds.

Source:- The Observer  Sunday 24 June page 2

Court challenge over Alzheimer’s drugs

The High Court will tomorrow condemn the decision to deny hundreds of thousands of people with Al;zheimer’s disease drugs that can improve their condition as callous, irrational and deeply flawed.

Source:- The Observer  Sundaty 24 June page 11

Magistrates’ jailing powers to be slashed

The government will this week slash England and Wales’ 30,000 magistrates of powers to hand out suspended jail terms in a bid to ease the prisons’ crisis.

Source:- The Observer  Sunday 24 June page 18

Care leads to results

Children from poorer communities are more likely to achieve higher GCSE results if they take part in extended schooling, a study says.

Source:- The Times, Monday 25 June 2007, page 2
Prisoners freed early without risk checks

Criminals being freed early to tackle the prison overcrowding crisis will be allowed out without checks on whether they pose a threat.

Source:- The Daily Mail, Monday 25 June 2007, page 21
Senior police officers raises doubts about the use of Asbos

A senior police officer has delivered a damning attack on Asbos. Chief superintendent Neil Wain is believed to be the most senior serving police officer to break ranks and criticise the government’s flagship crime-fighting policy.

Source:- The Independent, Monday 25 June 2007, page 13

Judge lets off rapist of girl, 10

A man who had sex with a 10-year-old girl, who had been in care since the age of four, was given just two years’ in jail because a judge claimed she looked 16.

Children’s groups, including the NSPCC, condemned the sentence given by Judge Julian Hall at Oxford Crown Court, after he referred to the girl dressing provocatively.

Source:- The Sun Monday 25 June 2007 page 4

Alzheimer’s sufferers have their day in court over NHS drug veto

Today sees the start of a four-day judicial review challenging the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s decision to limit access to a drug for Alzheimer’s to those in the middle stages of the disease.

The manufacturers of Aricept are bringing the case, which is supported by the Alzheimer’s Society, who claims the drug is a vital treatment for users and also benefits carers.

Source:- The Guardian Monday 25 June 2007 page 15

Harman pledges to focus party policy on families

New Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman has pldged to be a “champion for women” and put family policy at the heart of the party’s programme, following her election ahead of education secretary Alan Johnson yesterday.

Source:- The Guardian Monday 25 June 2007 page 4

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