Some Local Safeguarding Children Boards lagging behind others, research finds

Some local safeguarding children boards are lagging behind others in their development, Department for Education and Skills research has found.

The survey of LSCBs found some were under-resourced and found it difficult to engage partners from some of the statutory agencies which, under the Children Act 2004, must be represented on boards.

It also found some board representatives were not sufficiently senior to commit their organisations to decisions, and that discussions about funding were taking up time and effort that was disproportionate to the sums of money in question.

However, the research also found that LSCBs, which have been in place across England since April 2006, have raised the profile of safeguarding since replacing non-statutory area child protection committees and on average were better resourced than ACPCs.

A separate DfES survey on LSCB funding and membership supports the research findings but suggests that a more even pattern of funding is emerging across the country. However, it also states that some statutory partners are contributing more than others, with local authorities providing the greatest share.

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