The Bill in Quotes

“Well, here we are again, and I hope this will be the last time.”
Shadow health minister Tim Loughton at the final debate on the bill in the Commons.

“The bill will be seen as a historic piece of legislation that not only reflects the best interests of people with mental health needs and their families, but ensures that the community can have confidence in a modern mental health system.”
Social care and mental health minister Ivan Lewis gives his verdict on the bill, as it passes into law.

“What we sadly don’t have is a genuinely progressive piece of modern legislation of the kind some other countries have. What we do have is a bill that’s a good deal better than the one published in November 2006.”
Mental Health Alliance chair Andy Bell gives a more equivocal view.

“The bill is a much better thing than it would have been if the Mental Health Alliance hadn’t stuck with it for such a long period of time.”
Mind chief executive Paul Farmer.

“The law already disproportionately impacts on people from black and ethnic minorities. We are disappointed that the government has chosen to press ahead with the bill in its current form despite evidence that it may make the situation worse.”
Marcel Vige, chair of the National Black and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Network, issues a bleaker view.

“Social workers, their radical past long-forgotten, have discovered a new enthusiasm for sectioning.”
Hackney GP Dr Michael Fitzpatrick claims social workers have abandoned their political opposition to compulsory treatment, which the new bill will extend.

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