The social work twins are up for eviction

The social work student twins from Staffordshire are up for nomination tonight. Before you vote whether they should stay or go, here’s 10 key facts about the pink-mad pair.

Top 10 facts

1) They are studying social work at Manchester Metropolitan University.

2) Their favourite colour is pink.

3) The pair claim they are telepathic (or psychopathic as they said) following a Big Brother task.

4) Both had a pink whistle confiscated on entering the house.

5) Amanda dislikes politics and depressed people while Sam hates complicated jokes.

6) They like to finish each other’s sentences off.

7) Amanda had to dress as a hotdog for one of the tasks as punishment for being vain.

8) They have been in the press this week accused of being “noisy neighbours”.

9) Amanda thought cous cous was cheese.

10) They love the swimming pool and spend most nights in it.

Their top 5 favourite phrases are:-

1) “Love it”

2) “Defo”

3) “It’s so pink”

4) “Oh my god”

5) “Dead” – as in “it’s dead good, dead scarey”

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