Social skirmishes

As if being away on holiday was not enough, a day back and there’s a space at a conference going begging. So, quicker than a Prescott punch, I grabbed it.

I often adopt the Michael Caine rule when it comes to out-of-county conferences. The Oscar-winning, be-spectacled national treasure says that whenever he gets a film script the first thing he checks is not the size of the part or the quality of the writing but rather the location.

Not a lot of people know that.

I’m the same with conferences. So, little matter that the conference was some dull affair about children’s services commissioning. What mattered was the venue – Blackpool – and an overnight stay. Result.

Whenever I go somewhere I always try to find something out about the place. But, of course, everyone knows about Blackpool and what it’s famous for.

But, once I arrived, I realised there’s more to it than just what everyone knows. Because, take away the drugs, homelessness, teenage pregnancies and the sex industry, and you’re left with a beach! And a Tower!

Of course, the big news recently has been Blackpool losing out on the licence to build the UK’s first super casino to its big city neighbour.

But is it all bad really? I mean, gambling can cause psychological, social, physical and vocational problems. Blackpool is probably best off without it.

Plus, I had 20/1 on it going to Manchester.

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