My Sister is Different

 My Sister is Different
 Written and illustrated by Sarah Tamsin Hunter,
National Autistic Society,
 ISBN 1-899280-98-7,

 Star rating: 5/5

Sarah’s sister is different because she has autism. Sarah is 10 and she wrote this book to help other children who have sisters who have autism. Here’s what one young reader thought of the book:

It was really good. It was so nice. But it wasn’t very nice when she thought the salt was sugar and put it on her ice cream – and then she had to go to the toilet because she felt sick.

I think Sarah’s sister was a bit naughty but she didn’t know she was being naughty. She scribbled on her sister’s pictures, and that’s not good, is it? If I had drawn a picture of a flower or a rainbow and had a sister like Katie, she would scribble on it when I wasn’t there and that would make me feel sad. But even though Katie does all those things, her sister still loves her. We need to love people who are like Katie and give them special hugs.

The pictures were really good – the colouring-in was really good. I think it’s really clever of Sarah to write all the words and do all the pictures. I think when I grow up I want to write stories and send them off to someone to put in a book.

Ella Hopkins is five years old



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