Island rocked by child home abuse claims

By Mithran Samuel, Caroline Lovell, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

Island rocked by child home abuse claims

In response to a Community Care exposé on child abuse in a care home in Jersey, The Times outlines the “Dickensian” system in place where punishment for misbehaviour was akin to torture, involving round-the-clock solitary confinement.  .  

Source: – The Times, Thursday 30 August 2007, page 27

Number of immigrants too high, says Tory leader

The number of immigrants entering Britain is “too high” and restrictions should be placed on migration from future members of the European Union, Conservative leader David Cameron has said.

In a BBC interview, Cameron said that immigration levels were putting too much pressure on public services, as was family breakdown, because it led to the formation of new households.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 30 August 2007 page 2

Eating disorders brought on by pregnancy stress

One in 50 women develop an eating disorder while pregnant because of the stress of carrying a child, a survey by baby charity Tommy’s has found.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 30 August 2007 page 4

GPs back the Tories despite pay hikes

Almost half of GPs are planning to vote Conservative at the next election, despite the lucrative new contracts they have enjoyed under Labour.

A survey by GP magazine found 48% were planning to vote Tory, up from 35% at the 2005 election.

The average GP earns £100,000 a year and works seven fewer hours a week following a new contract in 2004.

Source:- The Daily Mail  Thursday 30 August 2007 page 8

The 3 million homes were no one works

The number of households in which nobody of working age works for a living rose to more than three million this summer, official figures out yesterday revealed.

The figures were cited as a damning indictment of Labour’s welfare-to-work policies by the Conservatives, however work and pensions secretary Peter Hain countered that the number of single parents in work had increased by 300,000 since Labour came to power.

Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 30 August 2007 page 19

TUC calls for social networking guidelines to save staff from sack

The Trades Union Congress yesterday called for employers not to give the country’s 3.5 million users of social networking site Facebook the sack for using it at work, following decisions by organisations including Kent Council to introduce such a policy.

The TUC called for guidelines to be introduced on sensible usage of the site.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 30 August 2007 page 5

Jersey inquiry into child unit claims

An independent inquiry has been launched into child protection on Jersey after criticism of practices including a system in a secure unit where children as young as 11 were locked up in solitary confinement for 24 hours or more.

It follows allegations raised by Simon Bellwood, a former manager of Greenfields secure unit, and Stuart Syvret, the island’s minister for health and social services, reported in today’s Community Care.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 30 August 2007 page 16

Prison officers ordered back to work after strike chaos

Prison Officers were ordered to return back to work last night by a High Court injunction after The Prison Officers’ Association carried out a 24-hour wildcat national strike over pay yesterday.

The POA called off the strike which caused chaos in prisons in England and Wales after the government agreed to open new talks over a rejected 2.5% pay rise offer which would be split into two stages. 

Source: – The Independent, Thursday 30 August 2007, page 5

Immigration is putting pressure on our services, warns Cameron

The conservative leader David Cameron has spoken out on immigration for the first time, claiming that high levels of immigration are placing immense pressure on public services such as schools, hospitals and housing. 

Source: – The Times, Thursday 30 August 2007, page 4

Scottish digest

Care home served up inadequate food for pensioners

Residents at a nursing home lost weight after being served up “unpalatable” food, a care commission investigation has found.

Inspectors also found evidence to support complaints that vulnerable residents were verbally abused at Cockenzie House nursing home in East Lothian.

An improvement notice has now been placed on the nursing home requiring it to raise its standard of care for old people.

Source:- The Scotsman, Thursday 30 August

Fears elderly will suffer as special care team axed

A special team of care staff recruited to look after elderly patients at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI) is set to be axed.

The team of “housekeepers” are employed to befriend the patients, help at meal times and keep the wards tidy.

But despite being hailed a success by nursing staff, the team is to be scrapped, with duties being passed on to nursing assistants.

Source:- The Scotsman, Thursday 30 August

Welsh news

School uniform grants for families

Low income families in Wales will continue receiving help towards the cost of school uniforms it is set to be announced today.

The Welsh Assembly is planning to continue its grant scheme for uniforms in 2007-8 . A sum of £770, 000 will be made available.

Source:- Western Mail, Thursday, 30th August 2007

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