Have you gambled in the past month?

The number of gambling addicts has soared to 800,000, more than doubling in a decade, according to reports in the press.

The British Gambling Prevalence Study is also expected to say that the number of people in Britain who gamble has risen from 33 million to 40 million over the same period.

The huge rise has come alongside a boom in internet gambling, which has made it much easier to gamble for people who might never have gone to a betting shop.

Last month the Royal College of Psychiatrists warned that legal changes which allowed foreign-based gambling websites, which are not regulated in the UK, to advertise on British television could draw more children into net gambling.

The number of gamblers in the general population may be on the rise but how many social care workers enjoy a flutter? Have you gambled in the past month? Take part in our poll below.


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