Call to increase autism funding

By Mithran Samuel, Maria Ahmed and Amy Taylor

Call to increase autism funding

New Philanthropy Capital, which advises charitable donors, have said that funding for the treatment of autism is “totally inadequate”, with £3.70 spent per head each year on people with autism compared to £1,000 for cancer patients.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 18 September 2007 page 31

15 Whitehall departments named and shamed for race equality failures

Fifteen government departments and agencies, including Whitehall’s biggest spenders, face the threat of legal action for failing to carry out duties under race equality legislation, according to a final report from the Commission for Racial Equality to be published later this week.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 18 September 2007, page 1
Virgin and Tesco may offer health services as rivals to GPs

GPs surgeries across England will face competition from health centres run by private companies, including Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin group, under plans to be presented to the cabinet today.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 18 September 2007, page 7
Websites aimed at teenage girls using lads’ mag tactics

The websites of magazines for teenage girls are apeing the techniques of so-called “lads’ mags” by urging girls barely out of primary school to upload photographs of themselves and post highly critical ratings of their own and others’ bodies, a conference will hear today.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 18 September 2007, page 16
CRE bows out with plea to root out discrimination

The Commission for Racial Equality, which is to be wound up later this month, is to make a final plea to government this week to make an explicit commitment to the creation of an integrated Britain where inequality is rooted out and active civic participation by people from all backgrounds is encouraged.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 18 September 2007, page 21

Welsh news

MP to probe holding of baby DNA

A Plaid Cymru MP is set to question why DNA profiles of children are being kept on the police national database.

It emerged over the weekend that the database includes DNA information from a seven-month-old baby girl.

Elfyn Llwyd, Plaid’s parliamentary leader, said that it was frightening that DNA from such young children was being retained.

Source:- Western Mail, Tuesday, September 18 2007

Disturbing’ report

“Disturbing” levels of unemployment exists among refugees in Wales despite them being highly qualified according to new research.

The study by the Welsh Refugee Council found 60 per cent of refugees have a higher education qualification but 64 per cent are unemployed.

Source:- South Wales Echo, Tuesday, September 18 2007

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