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Have you had a crazy management idea implemented in your workplace? Did everyone on the “shop floor” know it was gobbledegook and would never work – and yet they went on with it anyway? We want to hear the craziest management idea you have experienced and how it crashed and burned – the best will win £50 in gift vouchers at the high street store of your choice. Email clare.jerrom@rbi.co.uk in confidence telling us your manager’s moment of madness (no more than 200 words). We will not identify you if you do not wish us to.

Last week’s Diary columnist in Community Care was amazed by what some “policy wonk” did at his workplace:-

“Honestly you couldn’t make it up, only in local government, blah, blah, blah. Remember it’s email-free day today, so being the rebellious punk rocker that I am, I duly log on. And there sitting in my in tray is an email… reminding me it’s e-mail free day! Policy wonk has excelled himself, if it wasn’t for the council, where could this person find employment! I write back: “Sorry, I’m unable to read your message, it’s e-mail free day.”

If you’ve experienced something similar, tell us at clare.jerrom@rbi.co.uk

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