On the grapevine

Social worker 1: So, how many of your clients are you taking?

Social worker 2: Well, I did initially only have a seven-seater booked but, given the amount of interest I’ve had, it looks like I might have to see if I can get it upgraded to a minibus.

SW1: That sounds like hard work. Are you going to be able to cope?

SW2: Should be OK – I think a couple of them are bringing their carers anyway, and I’m going to take the work placement student with me too for an extra pair of hands.

SW1: Sounds good. So what’s the plan?

SW2: Well, the aim is to get there before it opens at 9.00am before the queue starts getting too big.

SW1: I think you might need to get there earlier than that if last week is anything to go by. You don’t want to risk them getting turned away.

SW2: No chance I’m afraid, not by the time we’ve been to 13 or 14 different houses and loaded various wheelchairs on board. We’ll just have to pull at some heart strings if it looks like we’re running out of time.

SW1: I read about them letting a guy in his 80s who had recently come out of hospital in after closing time when he explained his circumstances, so you should have no problem with your little army.

SW2: That’s what I’m banking on. I’ll get Richard to start listing his ailments – that should do the trick.

SW1: Are you sure it’s still worth the effort, given the latest developments?

SW2: I did try cancelling the trip after I heard the news, but several of the people I’m taking said they didn’t trust what they’d heard and wanted to go anyway. Besides, I think they’re all looking forward to it now. We’ve got packed lunches organised and everything.

SW1: Sounds like you’ve got it all under control – they won’t know what’s hit them.

SW2: I know. Watch out Northern Rock, here we come.


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