Quickfire Q & A with Cathy Ashley

with Cathy Ashley Chief Executive, Family Rights Group

What’s been your best job?   
My current one – I have a fabulous staff team and although there’s so much injustice that still needs to be addressed I do get a real buzz from the impact our advice work and our campaigning is having on improving the lives of some exceptionally vulnerable families. 

If you were stuck on a desert island, and you could take one person and one object, who and what would they be?   
Amy, my nine year old daughter who is just fab.  Anti-mosquito spray & a mobile phone (as long as there’s a signal)

Who inspires you and why?   
Anthony, my brother, who died last year – he had complete faith in me to do what’s right.

Where is your favourite place?
The Caribbean Sea – I’ve taken up scuba diving, and it’s like being in a different universe     

Which celebrity would you want to play you in a film? 
Helen Mirren and if she’s not available anyone whose vaguely attractive (I can be very shallow!)

What was the last CD you bought?   
Amy Winehouse  – Back to Black

What are you reading? 
Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns – (it’s brilliant and tragic – as is the author’s earlier book Kite Runner)

What’s your favourite film? 
Before Sunrise – it all takes place over one day, when a young man and woman meet on a train – it’s very intense and romantic

‘Big Brother’ – Treat or Trash?  
Trash, without doubt

Pets – yes or no?  

If you were on Death Row, what would be your final meal?  
I think I’ll be too busy protesting to consume food.  However,I might just manage some chocolate alongside my last minute protests

How would you want to be remembered? 
As kind, caring and passionate and as a loving mother – hopefully the times when I wasn’t as nice as I should have been will be overlooked!

Cathy Ashley will be speaking at a Community Care conference called Engaging Fathers in Children’s Services, to be held on 4 October in London. Click here to attend.

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