Are you for turning?

 by Adam McCulloch

One doesn’t like to be presumptious but it is widely thought that social workers are solid Labour and LibDem voters. But as election talk spreads and care services shrink, must this necessarily be so?

Let bygones be bygones; bury the hatchet, turn a new leaf and face the world unburdened by the politics of the past, and your disgust at the policies of Margaret Thatcher and her ilk in particular.

Everything’s moved on, Labour have been in for over 10 years. But you’ve seen social care services cut and eligibility thresholds rise (let’s leave aside all the good stuff Labour has done for the less well off, we’re trying to start an argument here!); you’ve seen more privatisation and involvement in a war you wanted no part in. Your cynicism has grown and is at risk of engulfing your life-long commitment to Labour.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have reinvented themselves. You can’t help finding David Cameron engaging. He talks about the environment and wants to tax the super rich who have money offshore, who Labour, curiously, won’t touch. And Iain Duncan Smith is passionate about social justice.

Could you, would you, dare you vote Conservative?

Well, here’s your chance to gauge what it might feel like to put a cross next to the blue bit.



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