Aggression in children is due to ‘nature not nurture’

By Mithran Samuel, Caroline Lovell and Amy Taylor

Aggression in children is due to ‘nature not nurture’

Young children have an innate tendency to be aggressive that they have to learn, or be taught, to control in their pre-school years to avoid antisocial behaviour later in life, a psychologist has claimed.

Professor Richard Tremblay of the University of Montreal will give a lecture on his findings to the Royal Society in London today.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 16 October 2007 page 16

Welfare pledge will take Cameron into Labour’s territory

The Conservatives will unveil proposals to overhaul the welfare system under the slogan ‘Make British Poverty History’ today, including plans to outsource Jobcentres to the private sector and pay companies a bounty for every jobless person they hire.

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 16 October 2007 page 2

Sex attacker preyed on women for four years after blunder

A man was convicted yesterday of the rape of two 15-year-old girls and the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl among a string of attacks from February 1998 to August 2004.

But Mark Campbell, of West Sussex, Chichester, could have been stopped in 2002 when he was arrested over another allegation and a DNA sample. However, police failed to send the sample to be tested until 2006 after a review of the attacks.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 16 October 2007 page 5

Do children in care matter?

Chris Waterman, executive director of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, talks about educational and health priorities for children in care, in this interview. 

Source: – The Times, Public Agenda, Tuesday 16 October 2007, page 5

It’s diet coke for many women

A poll by Now magazine reveals that one in six young women snort drugs to keep slim, four in ten admit to taking slimming pills and 82% say they are on a diet. 

Source: – The Sun, Tuesday 16 October 200, page 25

Welsh news

Police authority backs call to legalise drugs

The chief of the North Wales Police’s calls to legalise all drugs and make heroin available on the NHS were backed by the governing body for his force yesterday.

Members of the North Wales Police Authority approved a paper written by Richard Brunstrom calling for drug laws to be relaxed written for home secretary Jacqui Smith.

Source:- Western Mail, Tuesday, 16 October 2007

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