Man who left £8 million to Tories not “sound of mind”

The Conservative party have failed to keep £8.3 million left to them in a will by a man described by his son as delusional.

Branislav Kostic wrote his will in the 1980’s after saying that Margaret Thatcher would save the world from “satanic monsters”, according to the BBC website.

His only son Zoran contested the bequest at the High Court, saying his father was “deluded and insane”. His father had been diagnosed as suffering from paranoia and became delusional.

Mr Justice Henderson, said Kostic would not have left the money to the Tories if he had been “of sound mind”.

This prompted us at Community Care to devise a list of the best “you know I would be not of ‘sound mind’ if……” and we want to hear from you.

We’ve had these ideas so far:-

You hear the Barbie Girl single by the Big Brother social work twins and think it sounds “quite good”

You see the directors dancing at the social services conference Thursday night disco and think they look “quite good”

Email with your suggestions.

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