Migrants are a boon to UK economy, says study

Migrants are a boon to UK economy, says study
Migrants are more hard-working than Bristish workers and are contributing £6bn a year to the economy, without affecting unemployment or putting much downward pressure on wages, a government study has found.
However, concerns were raised about the impact of immigration on communities and public services.
Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 17 October 2007 page 1,3

Elderly people ‘face care fees confusion’
Over half of self-funding residents in care homes have not had an assessment of their needs and many were left scrabbling for information when choosing a home, often at a highly stressful time.
A study by the Commission for Social Care Inspection also found wide variations in fee levels, even in individual homes, with self-funders subsidising publicly-funded residents.
Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 17 October 2997 page 6

‘Social care is at a watershed’
Social care leaders have given their assessment of the government’s announcement last week of a green paper on the long-term funding of adult social care.
Age Concern director general Gordon Lishman said it was vital that any new system extended state-funded support to many of those currently without council funding, who often felt they were being punished for having saved for older age.
Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 17 October 2007 page 3

Let’s show respect for children’s social work
Social work needs much better professional leadership, which the British Association of Social Workers has been unable to provide, a Conservative Party commission on the profession will say today.
Shadow minister for children and commission chair Tim Loughton said it would also call for a vigorous recruitment campaign, emphasising the profession’s value to society, and new consultant social workerposts, to enable experienced practitioners to remain at the frontline.
Source:- Society Guardian Wedesday 17 October 2007 page 4


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