Former Blair adviser outlines plan to improve nation’s health

By Maria Ahmed, Caroline Lovell, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

Former Blair adviser outlines plan to improve nation’s health

A radical plan to persuade people to stop smoking, take more exercise and change their diets was proposed last night by a leading government adviser, Julian Le Grand.

Source:- The Independent, Tuesday 23 October 2007, page 2
Rise in crimes by ‘supervised offenders’

More than 80 serious offences, including murder and rape, were committed last year by violent offenders supposedly under strict community supervision.

Source:- The Independent, Tuesday 23 October 2007, page 14
Ten-year-olds ‘to punish offenders’

Children as young as 10 will be given the power to punish young offenders as part of a new government experiment to reform troublemakers, as part of a pilot scheme children’s court running at the Restorative Justice Centre in Preston, it emerged yesterday.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 23 October 2007, page 2
1.2 million ‘on sick benefit for five years’

More than half of the 2.4 million people claiming incapacity benefit have been off work for more than five years, new figures have revealed.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 23 October 2007, page 2
Why was our daughter sent alone to visit a schizophrenic who killed her?

The parents of a care worker who was stabbed to death with a history of violence asked yesterday why their daughter Ashleigh Ewing had been sent to his home alone.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 23 October 2007, page 13
MP joins heads to fight against ‘tax on schools’

The government faced a growing revolt yesterday over plans to claw back thousands of pounds from school budgets.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 23 October 2007, page 14
Trusts still short

The financial health of the NHS has improved, but about a third of trusts are still failing to meet targets, the Audit Commission has found.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 23 October 2007, page 4
Christian JP refused to rule on gay adoption

A Christian magistrate was forced to resign because he refused to place children for adoption with gay couples, an employment tribunal was told yesterday.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 23 October 2007, page 28
Here comes the judge, aged ten

A pilot scheme for children’s courts began yesterday in Preston, set up by the Ministry of Justice, where children as young as ten are given the legal power to punish offenders under 17 who have admitted their guilt.

Source: – Daily Mail, Tuesday October 23, 2007, page 1, 6

All pupils aged four to seven will get free dinners in Scotland

Ministers in Scotland plan to roll out free school meals for all pupils aged four to seven, after successful pilot schemes in Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire, and have suggested this scheme could be extended to all state school pupils.

Source: – Daily Mail, Tuesday October 23, 2007, page 25

Increase in serious crime by offenders on parole

Ministry of Justice figures reveal that 83 high risk offenders released from prison were re-charged with a serious offence, such as rape or murder, over the last year, a jump up from 61 last year.

Source: – The Guardian, Tuesday October 23, 2007, page 1-2

Watchdog fails third of NHS trusts on value

A third of NHS trusts in England, consisting of 104 hospitals, ambulance services and primary care trusts, have failed to meet the minimum requirements of “sound financial management”, the Audit Commission has found.

Source: – The Guardian, Tuesday October 23, 2007, page 11

Scottish news

Pupils ‘victimised by staff who claim dyslexia doesn’t exist’

Scottish children with dyslexia are being “victimised and abused” by teachers who do not believe the condition exists, campaigners have warned.

According to Dyslexia Scotland, parents from across the country complain weekly that teachers are dismissive, ignorant and hostile towards affected pupils, despite the fact that one in 10 youngsters suffers from the condition.

As a result, it is feared that vulnerable youngsters’ education is suffering and some are being driven to self harm.

Source:- The Herald, Tuesday 23 October

Paedophile victim signs six-figure book deal

One of the victims of a Scottish paedophile ring has landed a book deal to tell the story behind the decade of abuse she suffered.

Dana Fowley has signed a six-figure contract with the publishing giant Random House after her mother and two men were jailed for their part in the rape of her and her younger sister.

The 26-year-old, from Edinburgh, is co-writing the book with author Jean Ritchie, who also wrote an acclaimed biography of the Moors murderer, Myra Hindley.

Source:- The Scotsman, Tuesday 23 October

Care staff to share tricks of the trade

Staff in care homes, hospitals and community centre will be able to collaborate more easily under a new scheme to be launched by Edinburgh University.

Connect in Care will provide a support network which enables workers in different care facilities to share expertise and experiences treating patients.

The scheme had been hailed by university chiefs as a tool to improve the quality of care being received by the elderly.

Source:- The Scotsman, Tuesday 23 October

Care Nurse ‘Got Dementia Patients Up At 5.30am’

A nurse was reported to authorities after she ordered dementia patients out of their beds at 5.30am.

The Care Commission upheld a complaint that up to 18 elderly residents were taken out of their beds and left to sit in a lounge until breakfast. Some residents had to wait more than two hours before they could be fed.

Joyce Lynn, a district nurse, works part-time at Greenhills Care Home in Biggar, Lanarkshire, where the abuse allegedly took place.

Source:- The Record, Tuesday 23 October

Welsh news

Care home admission halted after two employees suspended

Parts of a care home have been closed and it has been ordered to stop taking patients after two of its employees were suspended.

Six residents have been removed from the Beudy Gwyn Farm home for vulnerable adults in Amlwch by Anglesey County Council.

The care home manager and another worker were suspended after an inspection by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday, 23 October 2007

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