Adoption Law Manual

Adoption Undone – A painful story of adoption breakdown

Adolescence and Delinquency – An Object Relations Approach

A Multidisciplinary Handbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health for Frontline Professionals

A New Tomorrow: A Resettlement and Leaving-Care Resource for Residential Staff

Anger management games for children

A Practitioner’s Tool for the Assessment of Adults Who Sexually Abuse Children

Art Matters: Renoir Landscapes

A Safe Place for Caleb – An Interactive Book for Kids, Teens and Adults with issues of Attachment, Grief and Loss, or Early Trauma

Ask the Family

Assessing the Support Needs of Adopted Children and their Families: Building Secure New Lives

Attachment Handbook for Foster Care and Adoption

Babies and Young Children in Care: Life Pathways Decision-making and Practice

Being Seen and Heard – The Needs of Children with Mental Illnesses

Beyond Listening: Children’s Perspectives on Early Childhood Services

Birth Fathers and their Adoption Experiences 

Boys Own: Supporting Self-Esteem and Emotional Resourcefulness

Boys Who Have Abused: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Victim/Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse

Broadening Horizons

Can the State be a Good Parent? Making the Difference for Looked After Children and Care Leavers

Can You Read Me? Creative Writing with Child and Adult Victims of Abuse

Celebrating Children

Changing Children’s Services: working and learning together


Child Abusers: Research and Controversy

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Child and Adolescent Therapy: Science and Art

Child Care Law – A Summary of the Law in England and Wales

Child Care Law: Scotland (Fifth Edition)

Child Neglect: Practice Issues for Health and Social Care

Child in Mind. A Child Protection Handbook

Child Protection and Mental Health Services

Child Support Handbook (13th Edition)

Child Support Handbook (15th edition)

Child Support Handbook (16th edition)

Child Welfare Services for Minority Ethnic Families: The Research Reviewed


Children and Families in Communities

Children First: Disabled Children and Their Families

Children Law: An Interdisciplinary Handbook

Children’s Rights and Power

Children These Days

Children Who Commit Acts of Serious Interpersonal Violence: Messages from Best Practice

Children, Youth and Adults with Aspergers Syndrome Integating Multiple Perspectives

Child Welfare: Historical Dimensions, Contemporary Debate

City Survivors: Bringing up children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Cleveland 20 years on

Come and Play

Communicating with Vulnerable Children

Conduct Disorder and Behavioural Parent Training

Connecting with children – developing working relationships

Constructive Campaigning for Autism Services: The Pace Parents’ Handbook

Contemporary Risk Assessment in Safeguarding Children

Coordinating Services for Included Children

Coronation Street portrayal of social worker breaks stereotypes

Cost of Foster Care: Investing in our Children’s Future

Could You Be My Parent: Adoption and Fostering Stories

Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, third edition

Culture and Child Protection: Reflexive Responses

Dad’s Space 1-2-1

Death of a Social Worker

Direct Work: Social work with children and young people in care

First Response to Grief and Loss – For Practitioners Dealing with Children and Young People

Guiding Your teenager with Special Needs through the Transition to Adult Life: Tools for Parents

Hello Dad: Finding your Father and Getting to Know Him

Helping Adolescents and Adults to Build Self-Esteem

Helping Families with Troubled Children: A Preventive Approach

Identifying Emotional and Psychological Abuse: A Guide for Childcare Professionals

Improving the Health and Well-Being of Young People Leaving Care

Insider: Orphanages

Interdisciplinary Work in Child Welfare

Interventions for children at risk of developing antisocial personality disorder

It’s Someone Taking a Part of You. A Study of Young Women and Sexual Exploitation

Joined-Up Youth Justice

Kinship Care – fostering effective family and friends placements

The Leaving Care Handbook: Helping and Supporting Care Leavers

Like Being Rich

Listening to Children: A Practitioner’s Guide

Making and Breaking Children’s Lives

Making Sense of the Children Act 1989

Making Sense of Every Child Matters. Multi-professional practice guidance

Making Sense of the New Adoption Law: A Guide for Social and Welfare Services (Second Edition)

Making Your Mind Up

Missing Side of the Triangle

Models of Adoption Support: What Works and What Doesn’t

NCMA guide to children’s safety

New Developments in Childcare Practice and Research: Adoption & Fostering

New Families, Old Scripts: A Guide to the Language of Trauma and Attachment in Adoptive Families

New Politics Of Youth Crime

Nutmeg gets a little help

Nutmeg Gets in Trouble

Overcoming Loss: activities and stories to help transform children’s grief and loss

Parental Alienation: How to Understand and Address Parental Alienation Resulting from Acrimonious Divorce or Separation

Parenting and Disability: Disabled Parents’ Experiences of Raising Children

Parenting in Poor Environments

Parental Substance Misuse and Child Welfare

People under Three: Young Children in Day Care

The Presence of the Therapist


Protecting Children: Developing Basic Skills

Raising Biracial Children

Reaching the Vulnerable Child: Therapy with Traumatised Children

Reclaiming childhood

Recruiting, Assessing and Supporting Lesbian and Gay Carers and Adopters

Related by Adoption

Relative Benefits: Placing children in kinship care

Remaking Social Work with Children and Families

Resistance: A Ritual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out

Responding to Adolescents

Rethinking Families

Safeguarding Children and Schools

Safeguarding Children and Young People – A Guide to Integrated Practice

Safeguarding Children and Young People

Safeguarding and Promoting the Well-being of Children, Families and Communities

Safe Learning: How to Support the Educational Needs of Children and Young People Affected by Domestic Violence

Searching Questions: Identity, Origins and Adoption

Secret Lives: Growing with Substance: Working with Children who live with Substance Misuse

Seeing Through New Eyes, Spaces of Social Exclusion & Young People in Care and Criminal Behaviour

Seminars in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Shattered Lives: children who live with courage and dignity

Social Care with Young People

Social Work and Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Social Work with Children, Young People and their Families in Scotland

Social Work with Looked After Children

Speaking about the Unspeakable: Non-Verbal Methods and Experiences in Therapy with Children

Speaking Out: A guide for advocates for children and young people with learning disabilities

Special Guardianship: What Does It Offer Children Who Cannot Live With Their Parents?

Support Care: How Family Placement Can Keep Children and Families Together

Supporting a Child with Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviour

Supporting Children in Public Care in Schools: A Resource for Trainers of Teachers, Carers and Social Workers

Supporting Older Families: Making a real difference

Talking about Adoption to your Adopted Child

Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood: Growing up Fast

Ten top tips on Managing Contact

Therapeutic Communities for Children and Young People

The Child in Mind – A Child Protection handbook (Third edition)

The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 in the context of the Human Rights Act 1998

The Child’s Journey Through Care

The Child’s Own Story: Life Story Work with Traumatized Children

The Developing World of the Child

The Good Child Care Guide

The Lost Child

The National Evaluation of Sure Start: does area-based intervention work?

The Other Glass Ceiling: The Domestic Politics of Parenting

The Pursuit of Permanence

The RHP Companion to Family Support

The Role of Concurrent Planning

The Truth is No Longer a Lie: Children’s Experiences of Abuse and Professional Interventions

The Wonder Year (DVD review)

Trauma, Attachment and Family Permanence: Fear Can Stop You Loving

Views and Experiences of Disabled Children and Their Siblings: A Positive View

Violence and Mental Health in Everyday Life: Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Children and Adolescents

What Does Adopted Mean? A Young Child’s Guide to Adoption

What works in strategic partnerships for children

When the saints go marching in

When Satan Came to Town

When Your Baby Cries

Working with Children and Young People who Sexually Abuse – Taking the Field Forward

Working with Parents of Young People: Research, Policy and Practice

Working with Young People in Europe

Working with Young People – Legal Responsibility & Liability

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