Care staff ‘bend rules’ to get help for elderly

Illegal child workers

Most schoolchildren who have Saturday jobs or deliver morning newspapers are working illegally, according to a study sponsored by the NSPCC. The research found that out of the 1.5m under-16s who work part-time, 85% have no work permit.

Source:- The Times, Thursday 1 November 2007, page 4

Councils say £250m emergency fund is needed to cope with influx of migrants

Town halls have called today for a £250m emergency fund to help councils cope with the increasing pressure on public services from immigration.

A report from the Local Government Association claims that official population statistics seriously underestimate the number of immigrants in large areas of the country, putting pressure on health, education and housing.

Source:- The Times, Thursday 1 November 2007, page 28-9

Paedophile not breaking law by being a danger

A judge was accused of putting children at risk yesterday for refusing to jail a paedophile because “being a danger isn’t an offence”.

Anthony Davies, 19, could have faced five years in jail after breaching a sexual offences prevention order – issued after he was caught with 1,200 indecent images of children – by persuading four children, aged 11 and 12, to go on a fishing trip with him.

But Judge Francis Gilbert ruled it would be better for him to get help rather than go to prison, prompting criticisms from child abuse campaigners.

Source:- The Telegraph Thursday 1 November 2007 page 9

Number of GPs earning more than £200,000 doubles

The average pay of a family doctor has risen to a record £110,000 while the number of GPs earning more than £200,000 has almost doubled, a report by the Information Centre for Health and Social Care says.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 1 November 2007 page 12

Care staff bend rules to get help for elderly

A Community Care survey has revealed that social workers are exaggerating the needs of older people in response to tightening eligibility criteria set by local authorities.

Of 300 social workers surveyed, 34% said they would be prepared to bend the rules to ensure people met thresholds for services; two-thirds were concerned they would be disciplined for doing so but would still go ahead.

Editor Mike Broad said: “The incredible squeeze on the funding of social services is compromising the work of front-line social workers dealing with vulnerable adults, affecting their ability to support older people, those with disabilities and those with mental health issues. Some social workers are having to play the system in order to get people the free support they clearly need and deserve.”

Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Thursday 1 November 2007, page 16

Fit towns to tackle child obesity

The government is planning to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in Britain by broadening its plan for eco towns and turning them into healthy or fit towns.

Source:- The Guardian, Thursday 1 November 2007, page 1

PM gives failing schools five years to improve results

The prime minister yesterday gave failing schools a five-year warning to improve their pupils’ GSCE results or face takeovers or closures.

Source:- The Guardian, Thursday 1 November 2007, page 4


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