Couple whose foster boy was snatched can carry on caring

By Maria Ahmed and Mithran Samuel

Couple whose foster boy was snatched can carry on caring

A foster couple have signed up to a set of commitments on equality as a condition of continuing their role after initially refusing to do so because they believed they would have to “promote homosexual relationships”.

Vincent and Pauline Matherick, who are Christians, signed the “equalities promise” after Somesrset Council assured them that it did not entail promoting same-sex relationships.

They had an 11-year-old boy removed from their care last week for refusing to sign up to the commitments.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 2 November 2007 page 5

Select pupils by lottery, secondary schools told

Schools should select pupils by lottery to prevent middle-class parents monopolising the best comprehensives, an official watchdog said yesterday.

Dr Philip Hunter, the schools adjudicator, said the policy should be used even if deeply unpopular with groups of articulate parents.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 2 November 2007 page 6

Inquiry to address racial tensions over housing

An urgent inquiry has been ordered into claims that immigrants are jumping ahead of white Britons on council house waiting lists.

Source:- The Independent, Friday 2 November 2007, page 24
Judge accused of child abuse ‘let off by police’

A chief constable is being investigated over his force’s dismissal of child abuse allegations against a judge.

Source:- The Times, Friday 2 November 2007, page 4
70s child sex raids

Police probing an alleged paedophile ring operating in the 1970s and ‘80s held 12 people yesterday.

Source:- The Sun, Friday 2 November 2007, page 34

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