Bullying, exams and drugs – secondary school pupils reveal their hopes and fears

Bullying, exams and drugs – secondary school pupils reveal their hopes and fears

A third of children aged 10-15 say they have been bullied and a third of this group claim that their schools do not do enough to tackle the problem, a survey of 115,000 commissioned by Ofsted has found.

Of those aged over 13, nearly 40% say they have been drunk more than once in the past month and 40% have smoked. However, the survey reveals many children are conscientious about education, with recipients rating exams as their biggest worry, above friendships.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 16 November 2007 page 6

Weight-loss drug increases chance of depression

People taking the weight-loss drug rimonabant have an increased risk of mental health problems, according to a study of more than 4,000 patients in four clinical trials.

Those taking the drug were 40% more likely to suffer conditions such as depression and anxiety than people taking a placebo.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 16 November 2007 page 13

Glut of laws cause jail crisis says top judge

The prison system is in a “critical situation” and there must be a debate on linking sentencing to resources, the lord chief justice said last night.

Lored Phillips said recent legislation meant longer sentences were being passed but it did not appear that the consequences on the prisons budget had been calculated.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 16 November 2007 page 15

‘Yuppie flu’ a mental illness, say guidelines

Campaigners are set to take the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to court over its guidelines on treating ME or chronic fatigue syndrome.

The One Click Group say Nice guidance for GPs to prescribe psychological therapies for sufferers of ME implies that the condition is a mental health problem – not a virus – and amouns to an allegation of malingering.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 16 November 2007 page 1

Homeopathic treatment of Aids attacked by medics

Senior doctors have attacked a plan by practitioners of alternative medicine to promote the role of homeopathy in the treatment of HIV and Aids.

Two professors from University College London (UCL) have criticised the Society of Homeopaths, Europe’s largest organisation representing homeopaths, for organising a symposium on HIV, in London on 1 December, World Aids Day.

Source:- The Independent Friday 16 November 2007 page 14

Culture for care kids

Children in care and failing at school will be given £500 to spend on extra-curricular activities, as part of a £300m government scheme to improve the lives of the group.

Source:- The Times Friday 16 November 2007 page 27


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