Which annoying office habits deserve a Wasbo?

Anti-social behaviour at work is costing the British economy £28m a day and more importantly it’s really annoying. According to a report by Britannia Building Society, 94% of the nation’s workforce are affected by “unfair acts committed by their colleagues.” The report suggests Wasbo, or workplace Asbo, culture is prevalent across Britain.

But what are the anti-social workplace acts you believe should result in an Asbo? Here are our ten office pet hates, in no particular order:

1. Speaking so loudly the whole of the office has to hear you

2. Telephone offences: Having loud personal phone calls or annoying ring tones

3. Stealing other people’s mugs or stationery

4. Printer offences: Not refilling the printer after you’ve used all the paper or discarding other people’s printouts

5. Offensive food smells – an office is not an appropriate place for scampi

6. Sending an email to someone you could just look up and talk to

7. Newspaper/magazine offences: Taking them to read in the toilet and putting them back in the pile or cutting out the job ads

8. Time fascism – looking at your watch when someone arrives late in the morning. Yes, I know I’m late!

9. Fag breaks – why do smokers get to take more breaks than everyone else?

10. The personal orchestra – humming, whistling, reading out your own e-mails

Which is the most deserving of a Wasbo? Vote in the poll below.

Are there any more annoying office behaviours you would like to add to the list? email simeon.brody@rbi.co.uk with your suggestions

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