CSCI rejects idea of ratings appeal body

Providers of adult care services unhappy with their star rating will be unable to appeal to an independent body against the judgement.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection has rejected calls from care home associations to allow independent scrutiny where it decides there are grounds to review a provider’s rating. Instead, under its new quality ratings system, national and regional quality boards will monitor the quality of inspections and ensure policies and procedures are followed by the CSCI’s internal reviews team.

The new system will see every service awarded a star rating – three meaning excellent, zero being poor – each time it receives a full inspection, with the first ratings published next spring.

Under the system, approved by the CSCI last week, ratings will only be reviewed if evidence includes factual inaccuracies or policies have not been followed.

In a joint statement, care home associations said independent scrutiny would have made the review process fairer.

The commission said involving independent scrutiny for all reviews would have been too expensive and created potential conflicts of interest.

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