Social skirmishes

Kevin’s been at it again. This time he’s threatened Carol with a knife. This is made more complicated by the fact that Carol is a police officer who had come with me to check on Jade, Kevin’s nine-year-old daughter.

It should be said that Kevin and his two brothers “rule” their estate providing protection and aggravation. Kevin drinks bleach in order to keep his teeth white. And he’s the brains of the outfit.

Anyway, back to the knife episode. Carol went into serious arrest mode: knife-taken, arm-twisted, body-dumped on floor, Carol’s knee on his back, hands cuffed – impressive and most effective. It’s a good job we aren’t all committed to non-interventionist anti-violence strategies – or else we’d be in trouble.

Kevin was unceremoniously carted off by a couple of Carol’s colleagues in a very big van, leaving me and Jade in the kitchen of Kevin’s flat. I sat Jade down with a drink. I was in shock so goodness knows how she felt.

“How are you feeling, Jade?” I asked in my best empathetic tone.

Jade looked blank.


Again, nothing.

“Jade,” I said, “it’s OK to be scared.”

“Scared?” she replied. “I’m not scared. I’m embarrassed. He’s a fucking prat.”

I tried not to splash her as I spluttered my tea towards her.

I intend to use what Jade said as a direct quote in the conference report. As they say, out of the mouths of babes

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