Key Points

    The Children and Young Persons Bill will:

    ● Allow the piloting of social work practices to which councils may delegate responsibilities for looked-after children and care leavers.

    ● Ensure that children in care do not move schools in Key Stage 4.

    ● Put the role of the designated teacher on a statutory footing.

    ● Require councils to offer a £2,000 bursary to care leavers who go on to higher education.

    ● Restrict out-of-authority placements.

    ● Introduce more checks and balances into the care planning and review system.

    ● Strengthen the role of the Independent Reviewing Officer by, where necessary, making their services completely independent from local authorities.

    ● Give young people more say in their placement plan, in particular when they move from a stable care placement to a less supportive place such as an independent flat.

    ● Extend the duty for social workers to visit children in care placed in children’s homes and those in youth custody.

    ● Make “independent visitors” available to a wider group of looked-after children.

    ● Enable local authorities to financially support carers and make it easier for family carers to obtain orders granting legal permanency.

    ● Ensure continuing supervision of children in long-term residential placements arranged via health and education services.

    ● Give foster carers access to an independent review mechanism.

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