Social skirmishes

● The office Christmas outing was early this year because all the decent venues were booked up well in advance.

First, there was the annual argument about where to eat. A secret ballot was held for the venues: the nice Italian, the upmarket European and the lively Mexican. The Mexican came out on top but before we could don the sombreros and knock back the tequilla slammers, there was a revolt, with some threatening a breakaway meal unless the restaurant was nearer work. So we had to choose the Italian.

Then there was a “difficulty” with the bill. Our employer put in a few quid, which nearly paid for the starter. The “awkward moment” revolved around why should we pay equally when some only had water while others enjoyed flaming sambucas.

Using non-confrontational, antioppressive techniques yours truly defused the row.

Then on to a pub. One team manager risked a visit to the human resources department for sexual harassment when he was being rather aggressive with the mistletoe. A few of us became giggly, while a newly qualified team member demonstrated that he remained unqualified when it came to spirit intake.

The next day there were a few tired faces, an apologetic manager, and colleagues already looking back with nostalgia on the event. And of course, one couple were giving each other embarassed but sweet looks.

That’s the fun over for the year.

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