Answers to Christmas quiz

Answers to Christmas quiz

1b 10 years

2c 1983

3a Care Matters: Time For Change

4a Getting it Right for Every Child in Kinship and Foster Care

5c England, Wales and Northern Ireland

6b John Hemming MP

7a Unison’s Heather Wakefield after the union decided to accept the local government pay deal

8c Children’s minister Beverley Hughes

9b Big brother contestant, and trainee social worker, Sam Marchant

10a Reg Broad, East Cornwall Mencap

11a Commission for Equality and Human Rights

12b Association of Directors of Children’s Services

13a Ministry of Justice

14c Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills

15c Black and minority ethnic

16b Rod Morgan

17a Julie Jones

18b Peter Carter

19c Professor Simon Baron Cohen

20a Ann Williams

21a Social care minister Ivan Lewis

22b Andrew Lee of People First

23a Owen Davies of the GSCC

24b Community Care writer Natalie Valios

25c Dame Jo Williams

26a Julian Le Grand

27c Jersey

28a Mental Health Alliance

29b 28

30b A Life like any Other

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